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Essential Role for Cholesterol in Synaptic Plasticity and Neuronal Degeneration.

FASEB J. published online June 27, 2001 10.1096/fj.00-815fje.

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The Levels of Soluble Amyloid Beta in Different HDL Subfractions Distinguish Alzheimer’s and Normal Aging CSF: Implication for Brain Cholesterol Pathology?

Neurosci Lett. Vol. 314, (November 16, 2001) 115-118

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Brain cholesterol pathology is the cause of Alzheimer’s disease.

Clin Med Health Res. Published online November 27, 2001

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Alzheimer’s Amyloid Plaque (and not Diffuse Amyloid) is a Condition for Neuronal Dysfunction. 

Clin Med Health Res. Published online December 17, 2001

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