R O C K E T   Y O U R  W A Y   T O   P L A N E T   B R A I N

Dear Colleagues,

You may be curious to know that all HighWire Press Journals search performed today for the keywords "cholesterol and neuronal and degeneration" (for the period from January 2000 to December 2001) in the articles' titles and abstracts retrieved just two articles (see search result as .PDF imprint , online search , or below). Identical search for the period from January 1965 to August 2001 retrieved 8 papers. (.PDF imprint , online search).

The total number of papers that have word "cholesterol" in their titles and/or abstracts and published in HighWire Press Journals from January 1965 or January 2000 till December 2001 is 12682 and 1907 , respectively.

The search for "cholesterol and synaptic and plasticity" retrieved just one authored by us FASEB Journal article (see search result as .PDF imprint , online search , or below) from 12682 "cholesterol" papers over the period of more then 35 years (Jan 1965 - Dec 2001). During the same period of time global biomedical literature at large (as assesed by NCBI PubMed search) had 113826 articles on cholesterol (.PDF imprint of the 1st page) and just 7 articles retrieved by "cholesterol and synaptic and plasticity" key words (see .PDF imprint of the search).

Thus, there is a great demand for the synthesis of the research on brain function, synaptic plasticity, neurodegeneration and cholesterol. This presently underdeveloped subject awaits many important studies. Please think about joining us in this untouched science journey.

Your contribution will rocket understanding of brain function and neurodegenerative disorders.

With best regards from the Holy Land,


Alexei Koudinov and Natalia Koudinova
4 January 2002, Rehovot
(original letter of 15 August 2001)

HighWire Journals Search: performed on 4 January 2002
Search Criteria: Words in Title or Abstract: "cholesterol and neuronal and degeneration"
Journals: All Journals in All Fields
Time frame: January 2000 to December 2001

FASEB J 2001 15: 1858-1860. [ Abstract and Full Text ]
Essential role for cholesterol in synaptic plasticity and neuronal degeneration
Alexei R. Koudinov and Natalia V. Koudinova

J Neurochem 2001 76: 391-400. [ Abstract and Full Text ]
Cholesterol-dependent modulation of tau phosphorylation in cultured neurons
Qi-Wen Fan, Wei Yu, Takao Senda, Katsuhiko Yanagisawa, and Makoto Michikawa

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