Veiw on north Jericho from Greek Orthodox monastery 350 m up on the Mount of TemptationYvan Koudinov Holy Land pilgrimageHoly Sepulcher Church. Holy Sepulcher is just behind the column. Ortodox Easter 1999.Bethlehem surroundings from the Church of the Nativity bell room

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Holy Land spring: 8 March 2001, Rehovot vicinity
While for security reason 
you may postpone 
your Holy Land pilgrimage

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Old City Jerusalem 

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Holy Bethlehem, Palestine

Jericho banana plantationsMount of Temptation walk, JerichoCactuses and orange fields outside Weizmann Institute and Rehovot. February 2001Dead sea sunsetGrapefruits rain - Holy Land spring is almost over: 1 April 2001

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