Dr. Alexei Koudinov and Dr. Natalia Koudinov

Mission Statement

Our goal

is to advance understanding  of the nature of brain function and the cause of neurodegeneration through the state-of-the-art biomedical research and publishing the journal Neurobiology of Lipids.

Our know-how is based on our medical, graduate and postdoctoral education and in-depth knowledge of modern biochemical and neuroscience techniques, desktop publishing and internet technologies.

Our experimental portfolio in biomedicine includes (but not limited to) the methods of protein and lipid chemistry, cell and molecular biology, tissue slice technology, laboratory animals, electrophysiology and image analyses.

Correspondingly, the objective of our current studies

is to understand the biology of neuronal lipids, amyloid beta protein and tau in
brain function, plasticity and neurodegeneration.

This is because we believe that neurodegeneration and the Alzheimer's pathophysiology can be understood through our better knowledge of brain normal neurochemistry


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