Dr. Alexei Koudinov and Dr. Natalia Koudinov

Neuroscience course

Our teaching goal

is to provide basic science students, medical students, scientists  and their lab members, healthcare professionals and curious laypersons with better understanding of brain function, underlying brain chemistry, brain pathology and brain investigation methods.

In the seminar room you will find our selected papers prepared for the Society for Neuroscience Annual Meetings Teaching/History of Neuroscience sessions, Press book, lay language poster supplements, as well as our review, commentary, hypothesis and "letter to the editor" articles collection. Media news on Alzheimer's research and important Life Science Forum discussions will be also collected here.

Our virtual laboratory is the place to learn neuroscience, biochemical and lipid chemistry methods you may be interested in. Here we will be happy to provide you with the scientific advise on any subject of our expertise. In case you would like to invite Alexei Koudinov or Natalia Koudinova for condensed hands on one-two week training course for your lab research staff this is the place to file your preliminary inquiry.

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