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Biochemical characterization of Alzheimer's soluble amyloid beta protein in human cerebrospinal fluid: Association with high density lipoproteins

Koudinov AR, Koudinova NV, Kumar A, et al.
223: (3) 592-597 JUN 25 1996

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    Differences in the A beta 40/A beta 42 ratio associated with cerebrospinal fluid lipoproteins as a function of
    apolipoprotein E genotype
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NEUROCHEM RES 25: (5) 653-660 MAY 2000


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Olesen OF, Dago L

    High density lipoprotein inhibits assembly of amyloid beta-peptides into fibrils
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Koudinov AR, Koudinova NV, Berezov TT, et al.

HDL phospholipid: a natural inhibitor of Alzheimer's amyloid beta-fibrillogenesis?

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The beta A4 amyloid peptide complexes to and enhances the uptake of beta-very low density lipoproteins by the low density lipoprotein receptor-related protein and heparan sulfate proteoglycans pathway

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beta-amyloid: Alzheimer's disease and brain beta-amyloidoses

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Application of polyacrylamide slab gel electrophoresis to the analysis and small-scale purification of amyloid proteins

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Astrocytes are mainly responsible for the polyunsaturated fatty acid enrichment in blood-brain barrier endothelial cells in vitro

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Potential role of apoE in structural plasticity in the nervous system - Implications for disorders of the central nervous system

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Alzheimer's amyloid beta interaction with normal human plasma high density lipoprotein: association with apolipoprotein and lipids

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High density lipoprotein decreases beta-amyloid toxicity in cortical cell culture

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Effect of apolipoprotein E on neurite outgrowth and beta-amyloid-induced toxicity in developing rat primary hippocampal cultures

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FEBS LETT 395: (2-3) 204-206 OCT 21 1996

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